Issue’s Contents

The new edition includes more than 60 pieces: articles of foreign and Ukrainian diplomats, scientific exploration of the current stage and history of international relations and national diplomacy. The volume of the edition exceeds 800 pages in the Ukrainian and English languages.


The yearbook is comprised of such sections as ‘History of Diplomacy’, ‘Institutional History of Ukrainian Diplomacy Through the Eyes of Those Involved’, ‘Diplomat’s Professional Opinion’, ‘Diplomatic Corps of Ukraine’, ‘Modern Diplomacy: Concepts and Realities’, ‘Geopolitics in the Modern World’, ‘Figures and Events’, and ‘Bibliography. Critical Review’.

This Year

This year's issue included nearly two dozen publications by diplomats on bilateral relations and vectors for developing cooperation with Ukraine.


The presentation of the yearbook was held on 27 November at the premises of the Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.